Bronze Budget Plan

Bronze Budget Plan

This plan is specifically geared towards those businesses who are just beginning to enter a digital market. The primary strategy of this plan is that of awareness.

We will levy the awareness strength of broad terms to, first, identify sets that generate traffic. From here, we will begin to identify traffic that converts, and isolate said traffic.

After the onset of conversion, we can then begin to optimize conversion frequency with such strategies as A/B testing and budget shifting.

Digital growth relies on data,
not hunches.

Features of this plan:

    Google Search (focus)
    Awareness (focus; yet channels available for conversions)
    Account Setup
    Ads/ Descriptions (custom and dynamic)
    Price Assets (2-week waiting period)
    Optimization Score (monitor and tweak)
    Google Tags (conversion tracking)
    Weekly Reports (2-week waiting period)
    Monthly Reports (campaign progress)

The Focus Bronze Budget.

The focus of the Bronze Budget Plan is that of awareness. As a business just entering a digital market, it is important to allow your market segment to get familiar with your brand, inititally, before progressing into stronger sales initiatives.

With that said, your campaigns will still be positioned to track conversions, even at the Bronze Budget level.

All of our contracts are month-to-month as, this allows us to earn your trust while giving you the freedom of not being 'locked in'.

How it Works.

1. We discuss with you what your business objectives are. We want to know where your business is now, and, where you would like to be in the near future. What are your strongholds and/ or what areas would you like to focus around.

2. Once we have a strong understanding of these objectives, we will then attribute these with a value as it relates to conversions. For example, for a clothing store, an online purchase would hold a greater value then say a page view. In this sense, the online purchase might get 0.8 points of a conversion while the page view would get 0.2 points of a conversion (this is a basic example). Though, if said page view leads to the purchase of other products as well, the calculation of conversion would recognize that lead contribution.

This setup includes the installation of Google Tags. These snippets allow google ads to track how users interact with your website or web assets, and is the main engine behind conversion tracking.

3. Once the conversion-types are setup and ready to fire, we then begin to generate keywords and content that relate to your industry. This research is a combination of search volume forecasts, mixed with terminology specific to your industry. Messaging is key.

The content includes a relevant mix of headlines, descriptions, images, URLs, and video (Silver Budget Enhance plan and above).

Our goal is always to get the most valuable clicks/ impressions for the lowest CPC possible. Competitive industries may have high CPC thresholds, but there is always a path for getting exposure at a lower cost. We find these angles because we are conservative, and we care.

4. As data (clicks, impressions, conversions) begins to populate, we then begin to evaluate results. True evaluation can begin after week 2 as a campaign needs to accumulate enough data to determine patterns. Patterns in keywords, ads, and assets.

Through such indicators as A/B testing and conversion rate evaluation (among others), we continually seek angles and opportunities to optimize performance.

5. We prepare weekly and monthly reports so that you can monitor your progress. Additionally, we encourage weekly calls/ online meetings (even an email if that works) so that we can discuss how things are progressing with your business in real-time.

We understand that you are busy meeting your business mandates much of the time, but, we want you to know that we are partners in your success. Let's lean on each other to help your business shine!

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