Bronze Budget Plan

Silver Budget Enhance Plan

This plan will begin to progress from awareness into solid product/ service consideration marketing, and, integrates video content into your marketing mix.

We will begin to transition from the awareness strength of broad terms, into, specific terms that have a history of performance (according to your account's data/ historical data). This process involves moving away from the data that doesn't perform, then allocating more of the budget towards the performing data. These considerations are made at the Bronze Budget level as well, but we hone in on best performing data (specific to this plan) and apply these campaign assets to video content strategies.

These expanding marketing strategies are built off of the backs of performing, converting data sets. In a sense, we'll take what works, and throw it in the duplication machine!

$836 Billion will be
spent on Digital Marketing
by 2026 worldwide.

Features of this plan:

    Google Search (focus)
    Awareness (semi-focus)
    Consideration (semi-focus)
    Account Setup
    Ads/ Descriptions (custom and dynamic)
    Price Assets (2-week waiting period; unless prior data exists)
    Optimization Score (monitor and tweak)
    Video (3 branded videos; production)
    Google Tags (conversion tracking; modify if necessary)
    Weekly Reports (2-week waiting period; unless prior data exists)
    Monthly Reports (campaign progress)

The Focus Silver Budget Enhance.

For the Silver Budget Enhance plan, we progress into the engagement value of video content.

Building on the foundation from the Bronze Budget plan, this upgraded plan includes account setup (if needed), custom ads/ descriptions, score optimiztion (daily), and asset management. Additionally, Google Tags and the reporting systems remain intact.

With reference to Video (YouTube), we will build three (3) branded videos per month for you. The content for these videos can be provided, or, we can simulate content that relates to your business image. We will, as well, create for you a branded YouTube account that will be associated with your website and google account.

As previously mentioned, we are progressing more from awareness into consideration. At this juncture, we will apply video strategies to your performing data, then put the least performing data on the back burner (or drop it from campaigns).

NOTE: For those who start their digital marketing journey with this plan, we will tilt the balance towards awareness to accomodate the proper introduction of your business into market. If you do not have any historical data, the primary video should focus around the introductory image of your business (let's not sell hard out of the gate).

All of our contracts are month-to-month as, this allows us to earn your trust while giving you the freedom of not being 'locked in'.

How it Works.

1. We discuss with you what your business objectives are (specific to new clients). We want to know where your business is now, and, where you would like to be in the near future. What are your strongholds and/ or what areas would you like to focus around.

2. Once we have a strong understanding of these objectives, we will then attribute these with a value as it relates to conversions. For example, for a clothing store, an online purchase would hold a greater value then say a page view. In this sense, the online purchase might get 0.8 points of a conversion while the page view would get 0.2 points of a conversion (this is a basic example). Though, if said page view leads to the purchase of other products as well, the calculation of conversion would recognize that lead contribution.

This setup includes the installation of Google Tags (specific to new clients). These snippets allow google ads to track how users interact with your website or web assets, and is the main engine behind conversion tracking.

3. For new clients, we will set up conversion types. For existing clients, we will begin to track conversion data for video content. For the first month or so, we will let the data build across multiple videos. Concrete decisions on video content can be made in month two.

The content includes a relevant mix of headlines, descriptions, images, URLs, and video (as a recap).

Our goal is always to get the most valuable clicks/ impressions for the lowest CPC possible. Competitive industries may have high CPC thresholds, but there is always a path for getting exposure at a lower cost. We find these angles because we are conservative, and we care.

4. Before beginning video production assets, we analyze data sets that have performed well over a period of time (existing clients; clients with historical data). We then show you this performing data, and, work with you to decide on the direction for that video.

Our aim is to keep video content between 30 to 60 seconds long. This benchmark will keep our VTAs (view-throughs) strong, which will help the videos perform well. This will help increase audience retention as well.

5. As data (clicks, impressions, conversions) begins to populate, we then begin to evaluate results. True evaluation can begin after week 2 (specific to new clients) as a campaign needs to accumulate enough data to determine patterns. Patterns in keywords, ads, and assets.

Through such indicators as A/B testing and conversion rate evaluation (among others), we continually seek angles and opportunities to optimize performance.

6. We prepare weekly and monthly reports so that you can monitor your progress. Additionally, we encourage weekly calls/ online meetings (even an email if that works) so that we can discuss how things are progressing with your business in real-time.

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